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Recovery for Carers: Professionals Research and Resources

There is extensive research describing the impact of mental illness on carers, families and friends. Some research has explored the recovery process for families and friends.

We have compiled some references and resources that may be helpful to you, including written accounts of the experiences of family members who have a relative or friend living with mental health difficulties, and articles highlighting the need to provide support to families, friends and carers. There are a number of resources and websites for carers, families and friends, providing information on recovery.

These resources can be helpful to families, friends, carers, health care professionals and academics.

The Meriden Family Programme in collaboration with Rethink Mental Illness produced a self – help guide for carers Caring for Yourself, which has practical advice and information for relatives and friends. This is available to download from the Meriden website.

Voicing caregiver experiences: Wellbeing and recovery narratives for carers is a book in which ten caregivers from Scotland and Sussex have written about their experiences of caregiving and their own recovery. This book can be accessed here:

Voicing Care Giver Experiences Book (1.5 MiB)


Links to useful literature / articles, self-help booklets and helpful websites have been compiled into a reference list and can be accessed here.

References: Recovery for Carers / Family Members (143.0 KiB)

This list includes useful websites – also listed on this page for ease of access:

Scottish Recovery Network (SRN)

An initiative designed to raise awareness of recovery from mental health problems for those experiencing them as well as those around them.

The Centre for Mental Health website has a wide range of useful recovery material

Wandsworth Carers

Rethink Mental Illness – factsheet on recovery

Education can be seen as key in supporting families and friends. The benefits of psycho-education have been shown through measuring outcomes for carers who have attended educational groups and through evaluations of these groups. Articles and literature looking at psycho-education for carers:

Psychoeducation for Family and Carers Reference List (115.9 KiB)

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