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Young Carers

Supporting a parent, brother or sister with a mental illness can be difficult and overwhelming for young carers. It is important that young carers have access to the emotional and practical advice that can support them and help them to look after themselves.

As young carers, everyday activities such as school and socialising with friends may be disrupted. Sharing your experiences with and talking to other young people in similar situations can be helpful. There are local organisations that you can contact who can provide support, advice and even activities that you can take part in.


Resources to support young people are available on the Carers Trust website and the Young Minds site.

Useful websites include:

Young Minds

As well as information aimed at young people, Young Minds provides information for parents who may have or know a child who is caring for an adult. These pages provide information on accessing help and support for young carers.


This NHS website provides information and advice on being a young carer, who can help you, and what your rights are. There is also advice on how to keep well and active within your own life.

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) – Young Carers Leaflet  

SCIE have also produced a leaflet for young people up to 18 years of age, which covers topics such as ‘top tips’ for young people, and ‘what causes mental illness?’

Other websites that you may find useful:

Caring Alone – Bringing Carers together

Caring Alone offers an online support service for carers from ages 16 – 30 years. The site offers a chance to socialise and chat to other carers, as well as receive help and information.

Action for children – Supporting young carers

Action for Children provides practical and emotional support. They provide advice and information, needs assessments for young carers, and opportunities to take part in activities

Barnardo’s Young Carers

Carers Trust

There are also a number of stories from young carers -for example Josie and Jamie’s story – available on the Carers Trust website


Helpful services for carers
Recovery resources for professionals