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Information Sharing with Family and Friends

Course duration: 1 day

The issue of confidentiality is complex. Confidence around what information can/cannot be shared freely can sometimes be low and the issues compounded if the service user does not give consent. This interactive training day aims to reflect upon these issues and introduce good practice strategies for working with service users, their families, friends and significant others.

Confidentiality and the way in which service users, families and provider services share information has raised debate throughout the history of healthcare. This is perhaps particularly so within mental health care. Families and friends often play an incredibly important role in the lives of service users, and as such can have an important role in maintaining their mental health, safety and wellbeing. Equally, feeling involved and included can help relatives feel less stressed, help sustain their own health and enable them to better support their loved one.

This interactive training day encourages participants to think about the confidentiality issues they encounter in their own day-to-day practice. Service users, family members and legal representatives also speak as part of the programme to encourage participants to consider issues from a variety of perspectives.

Themes include:

  • What do we mean by confidentiality and information-sharing?
  • The different types of information
  • Confidentiality from a range of perspectives
  • The benefits of sharing information and of establishing more collaborative patterns of working.
  • Good practice in sharing information with carers and family


  • Example flyer
  • Course learning objectives
  • Evaluation/newsletter article
  • Quotes from participants