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Welcome Dr Carl Harris to the Meriden team

 The Meriden Programme is very pleased that Dr Carl Harris has taken up post as Consultant Clinical Psychologist with the team. Dr Harris began working with the team in October 2018 and said……

“I am delighted to be part of the Meriden team and to have the opportunity to promote the well-being of people experiencing mental health difficulties by promoting support for their families and carers. My role in the Meriden team is to carry out research and training to help us achieve our aim of putting families at the heart of quality health care.

I have been working in Birmingham as a psychologist since 1989 and as a clinical psychologist since 1996. I have held posts in primary care across the life span, systemic family work, community regeneration, child and adolescent mental health and parenting. I have been involved in research throughout my working life.  Much of this research has involved parents and families and has been carried out in partnership with them.

I have a special interest in “community psychology” which sees the people, systems and services around the person as crucial to their development and well-being. I am looking forward to making use of these ideas for the benefit of our service users and to working in partnership with their families, carers and professionals”.

Dr Harris can be contacted on carl.harris4@nhs.net.