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The Meriden Family Programme facilitate a visit to Moroto Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda

Martin Atchison, Deputy Head of the Meriden Family Programme recently helped arrange for Dave Bell to visit Thomas Walunguba in Uganda at Moroto hospital. Dave works at St. Andrews hospital where Martin was speaking during one of their family work training courses and it was mentioned that Dave was visiting Uganda in the near future. Dave expressed an interest in visiting the mental health services in Moroto, and Martin put him in touch with Thomas.

Thomas Walunguba was the first person from Uganda to visit the Meriden Programme in 2012 and has been instrumental in embedding consistent support for families across the country.  Thomas was happy to arrange the visit.  Dave reported being very impressed with the level of care provided by Thomas’s team with limited resources, and also with the commitment of the staff working there to improve services for patients and their families.