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Grateful thanks to all of the following:

To all those who allowed us to use or reproduce their material including:

A small group saw through the development and production of this material:

  • Mrs Michele Gladden, Carer and Web Editor
  • Mr Peter Woodhams, Carer Consultant, Meriden Family Programme
  • Dr Gráinne Fadden, Director, Meriden Family Programme
  • Ms Rubina Jhadray, Research assistant, Meriden Family Programme

Very special thanks to Michele and Peter for all their input, and for bringing their valuable first-hand experience of being a parent coping with mental health issues in the family. Michele prepared, laid out, researched, edited and endlessly proofed the material drawing on her extensive experience in web writing and editing – many thanks for all the many hours of meticulous work. Peter researched and prepared material for different sections and provided overall guidance on material and what family members would find helpful. Rubina prepared, researched and sourced material, contacted relevant links and organisations and contributed ideas throughout the preparation of the material.

Caring Minds, the charitable trust of Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, funded the research on Recovery for Carers and Family Members and the development of the website material.

To all of the members of the Meriden Family Work Team who contributed material for the various sections of the website, or who provided administrative support at various points:

Maria Albanese, Martin Atchison, Nadine Berry, Paula Conneely, Julia Danks, Gráinne Fadden, Sam Farooq, Rubina Jhadray, Alison Lee, Chris Mansell, Peter Woodhams.

Chris Barker, our website designer, for all of his suggestions and ideas, and the many hours spent on getting the material ready on time.

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