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Help and support online

A great starting point to find out what help and information is on offer to carers, friends and families both locally and nationally is here on the Meriden Family Programme website  – in our directory Helpful Services for Carers, Families and Friends

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There will still be a lot of help you can access simply on your phone – either your landline or your mobile – but having access to the internet and possibly to a device such as a smart phone or tablet with a camera, and a microphone, will increase the range of support on offer such as an online video meet up with other carers, or asking for help via a post on a carer support forum.

Using a phone

Once you’ve got the contact number of a helping service, you may need to make an initial call from your landline or mobile.

  • Try to find a quiet place to make the call
  • If several family members need to be involved, try putting the phone on speaker so you can all hear and take part in the discussion

If you have a smart phone or device, services are increasingly offering video calls where this could be helpful. For example to help build up a rapport with a patient needing help with a mental health issue, or to take a look at a physical symptom such as a rash.

What if you don’t have a camera on your device?

You could also join an online meeting without using video, for example if you are not keen on using video, or you don’t have a camera on your computer or device. If accessing a meeting by phone, the facilitator would give you a number to call, and a meeting ID to join.

Find out more about using video technology here

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