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Using video technology

Check out this simple guide to video consulting with the NHS

To have a video consultation or discussion you need:

  • a smartphone, tablet or computer that allows video calling – remember to make sure your microphone and camera are switched on
  • an internet connection
  • a well-lit quiet and private space
  • a link or meeting ID – which you can use to access your appointment or session, if the video consultation or meeting is being set up by someone else.

Video calls can be used on a one-to-one device basis using for example:

  • a link or details provided by the person setting up the call
  • an app such as ‘What’s App’ or ‘Skype’.

Video Conferences/ meet ups use a website or app to link at least two devices to allow a group of two or more people to talk together. This may be a:

  • Formal planned meeting, for example of a group of family members and a therapist
  • More informal get together of a group of carers to support each other for example- the virtual Cuppa video chat offered by Mobilise or the Carers UK Care for a Cuppa

 There are a range of different apps and sites that can be used for video calls and group meetings – including these popular ones:

What’s App 


Microsoft Teams


Google Meet

Plus a new one from Facebook – Messenger RoomsThis is also available on Instagram and will shortly be part of ‘Whats App’. Works similarly to other video conferencing allowing you to invite others via a link, sent by text, email or ‘Whats App’ – even though they may not use Facebook.

What if you don’t have a camera on your device?

You could also join an online meeting without using video, for example if you are not keen on using video, or you don’t have a camera on your computer or device. If accessing a meeting by phone, the facilitator would give you a number to call, and a meeting ID to join.

Getting started with Video Conferencing

Once you know which programme is going to be used for your online meet up, support or help, you can familiarise yourself with the software that is going to be used.

You will be sent a link from your practitioner or supporter to access an online meetup but, in addition, you may need to download some software before your first session.

using PC, phone or tablet to access help

Need more help?

If you’d like to find out more why not look online at the following popular video software:

Skype support getting started

TEAM video tutorials

Zoom video tutorials

In addition there are many simple how to guides available on You Tube

For example the following simple guides to ZOOM from People in Action is available on YouTube

Help to use Zoom on a phone or tablet

Help to use Zoom on a PC

Helpful services for carers
Recovery resources for professionals