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Accessing help and support using technology

As we adapt to living with the impact of the COVID-19 virus, face-to-face help and support has become difficult.  Rather than face-to-face contact, many help and support options are now likely to be offered in new ways for example a:

  • Telephone call
  • Text
  • Online message
  • Video call
  • Video conference / online meet up

Carer using video conference technology

This page is to help you to access the help and support you may need, as the carer, family member or friend of someone with severe mental health issues. You’ll be able to use any technology you have to access information, support and advice, whether you have a basic phone, smart phone, tablet, laptop and/or PC.

You may be looking for help and support from:

Local or national carer support groups and helping organisations, or from other carers.  This help may be offered in a more informal way, for example using online meetups, forums, information, and helplines – details on ways to contact them are usually on their websites. You can also find out about all the helpful services on offer here.

NHS services such as your GP or specialist services – for example appointments with your GP or psychiatric and psychology services may be carried out on the telephone, online via a site such as ‘Ask my GP,’ or via a video call or conference call. The person who sets up the appointment or meeting will either telephone you or send you a link to click if it’s a video meeting.

You can also check out the information on the NHS Health at Home pages about accessing GP services online

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