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Meriden welcomes colleagues from Japan

The Meriden Family Programme welcomed our colleagues from Japan who were here to attend the Training for Trainers and Supervisors course.

Pictured here are, from left,

Dr Kumiko Morita , Professor, Rissho University, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Mr Peter Woodhams, Carer Consultant, Meriden Family Programme
Ms Mariko Kamikubo, Mental Health Social Worker, Peerclinic, Hamamatsucity, Japan and
Professor Masako Fujiwara, University of Fukishama Gakuin, Fukushima, Japan

Due to the typhoon in Japan, our colleagues were delayed in returning home due to flights being cancelled. Peter was kind enough to pay a visit on the Monday after the course to talk about the involvement of families in mental health services.

We are hoping that the relationship between Meriden and colleagues in Japan continues to flourish.

Martin Atchison
Deputy Head
Meriden Family Programme