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Family involvement and support networks

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
The craft of caring, 3rd Edition
Edited by Mary Chambers
Routledge,Taylor & Francis Group

2017 | 3rd Revised edition ISBN: 9781482221954(pbk)

Martin Atchison, Deputy Director, Jeanette Partridge, Carer Consultant with the Meriden Family Programme and Jo Twiss, Service User have written a chapter in the text book ‘Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: The craft of caring’. The chapter is called Family involvement and support networks (Chapter 51 – Pgs 559 to 569).

The chapter seeks to encourage mental health nurses to appreciate the importance of involving the service user’s social networks in their working practice, and to impress upon the reader the vital role that family and friends can play in the recovery of their loved one.