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Family Intervention for Psychosis and Bipolar Disorder training 2021/22

What is the training?

Psychological therapies for people with severe mental health problems (PTSMHP) are a key part of the integrated offer for adults, as set out in the NHS Long-Term Plan. The Mental Health Implementation Plan and subsequent Community Mental Health Framework for Adults and Older Adults, provides a new framework to ensure services are integrated, “place based” and designed to meet specific local need.

For those experiencing severe and/or complex mental health problems, the Framework advocates the provision of NICE-recommended psychological therapies and views these as critical in giving people the best chance to get better and to stay well. Funding to commission new courses has been made available to Health Education England (HEE) through NHS England (NHSE) and a national curriculum has been agreed for the training based on the best available evidence.

The Meriden Family Programme is one of 4 training providers commissioned to deliver across England and will be offering a 12-month programme via Microsoft Teams to staff working in community adult or older adult services. The training will equip practitioners with the skills to deliver evidence based face-to-face FI sessions, as well as remote working where necessary.

Please read HEE Cohorts 3 4 Brochure Brochure information with training application details.

For further details on the course, please email us at bsmhft.meriden@nhs.net

How to apply

Applications can be made by submitting the booking form to bsmhft.meriden@nhs.net and we will then forward applications to HEE for authorisation and confirmation.