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Existing BFT trainers and supervisors please read: Family Intervention Training for CMHTs and Health Education England (HEE)

Health Education England (HEE) has developed a national curriculum for family intervention training for CMHTs which states that the training they will be commissioning from approved training organisations will be required to:

  • have a minimum of 10 taught days
  • take place over 12 months
  • include regular supervision
  • have some form of assessment
  • include the topics within the curriculum

The national curriculum only relates at present to CMHTs for adult and older adult services and not to Early Intervention services. The course does not enable participants to train other staff, but does enable them to supervise their colleagues within their CMHT. If you have completed BFT training then you do not need to attend this training course in order to work with families. Existing trainers and supervisors do not need to attend this training in order to continue to train and supervise colleagues in BFT.

The course will consist of the fundamental elements of BFT, plus aspects of the trainers and supervisors course and the Caring for Carers course which may be familiar to a lot of trainers.

The Meriden Family Programme welcome the opportunity to be one of four approved providers across England and see this as a way of looking to ensure that family intervention becomes embedded in CMHTs, which for a considerable number of areas has been challenging.

There have been a number of discussions that have taken place with trainers and supervisors from across the country about the current status of the five day BFT training.

The message that we are sending out is that you should go ahead with any training plans that you have. If the training and supervision you provide is working well for your organisation then carry on as usual.

We will be involved in ongoing discussions with HEE and others regarding developing standards for CMHTs in the future and will keep trainers and supervisors informed about any further changes.

Martin Atchison – Acting Head,
Meriden Family Programme