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Diverse Roles for Occupational Therapists (2016)

Diverse Roles for Occupational Therapists (2016)
Edited by Jane Clewes and Rob Kirkwood
November 2016 • M&K Publishing
ISBN: 9781910451069

Paula Conneely, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Specialist with the Meriden Family Programme, has contributed a chapter to the newly published ‘Diverse Roles for Occupational Therapists (2016)’ Occupational Therapy text entitled “Working with Families” (Chapter 13 – Pgs 195 to 210).

In it, Paula describes her work with the Meriden Programme, the nature of family work and why she feels OTs make great family work practitioners, supervisors and trainers.  In addition, she presents a case study from her own clinical practice to reinforce the benefits of family work and highlight the links between family work and Occupational Therapy’.

Occupational therapists get everywhere it would seem and this book is testament to the breadth of roles being undertaken by occupational therapists in the UK today. The diversity of practice settings that appear to be available to occupational therapists is certainly a strong factor that draws people in to the profession…. This book offers a rich context from which to reflect upon your own experience, broaden your understanding and triangulate your knowledge.” (M & K Publishing, 2017)