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Chris Mansell, Head of the Meriden Family Programme

Hello! My name is Chris Mansell and I have the pleasure of leading the Meriden Family Programme following Dr Gráinne Fadden’s retirement last year. I have been working in the NHS since 1987 and I completed training in the Behavioural Family Therapy model in in 1998. I also trained as a Trainer and Supervisor in Family Work in that year.

I have worked in a variety of mental health settings and I have been the Head of Nursing in both forensic mental health and generic mental health settings. Many of you will already recognise me as I have been working as the Deputy Director of the Programme since 2010 and I have facilitated training and supervision in family work, and assisted organisations with the development of family sensitive services in a wide variety of settings at a local, national and international level.

Last year was a very important milestone for the Programme with the celebration of our 20th anniversary. This was a great opportunity for us to reflect on how far the Programme has come in terms of the success of the roll-out of family work and for us to acknowledge the support and commitment of people nationally and internationally who work really hard to implement family work and improve outcomes for service users and their families. The Team are very excited to be continuing the work of the Programme and developing family work into the future. We will be posting news items in the next few weeks with information about our planned activities.

If you would like to have a conversation with me, please get in touch as we welcome your comments and involvement. My email address is chris.mansell1@nhs.net .

Chris Mansell